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Zarian Cleare
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Evante Gibson

Maya Albury
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Shaunte Moss
Bria Deveaux
Delano McIntosh
Je'Nae Saunders
Mancer Roberts
John Bradley
Jenna Chaplin
Ashley Butler
Kieran Deveaux
McKayla Lightbourn
Drew Lightbourne
Armando Moss
Anthaya Rolle
Alicia Lightbourne
Caneron Rolle
Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace
Brent Thompson
Vereance Burrows
Alana Dillette
Jeremy Knowles
Chadeau Wilson
Nikia Deveaux
Ariel Weech
Inoa Charlton Chris Vythoulkas  

The number of registered clubs in the Bahamas is about 8 swim clubs, as many as 10 clubs have registered membership in the Federation. Currently, there are 6 clubs located in the capital of Nassau on the Island of New Providence (Barracuda Swim Club, Dolphin Swim Club, Flamingo Swim Club and Sea Bees Swim Club Swift Swimming and Sea Waves Aquatics Team) and 2 clubs in Freeport on the Island of Grand Bahama (Freeport Aquatics Club; YMCA WaveRunners). Abaco Swim Clubs, located in the Marsh Harbour and Hope Town areas.

Barracuda Swim Club
Dolphin Swim Club
Flamingo Swim Club
Freeport Aquatics Club 
Sea Bees Swim Club
Sea Waves Aquatic Team
SWIFT Swimming
YMCA Wave Runners

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